LA SAPIENZA University of Rome:

  • Department of Psychology of Socialization and Developmental Processes 

​           Branch Representative: Marino Bonaiuto, Full Professor 

            Alessandra Areni,  Associate Professor

            Gilda SensalesAssociate Professor

            Renata MetastasioResearcher


  • Department of Psychology:

             Anna Maria GianniniFull Professor

             Fabio FerlazzoAssociate Professor 

             Francesco Di Nocera, Associate Professor


  • Department of Dynamic and Clinic Psychology:

Sabine Pirchio, Researcher


PADOVA University:

  • Department of General Psychology:

             Gesualdo ZuccoAdjunct Professor

             Rossana De Beni, Full Professor                   

             Francesca Pazzaglia, Adjunct Professor


  • Departmet of Philosophy, Sociology, Pedagogy, Psychology (FISSPA):

              Alberta Contarello, Full Professor

              Adriano Zamperini, Associate Professor

              Roberta MaeranAssociate Professor       


  • Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization:

              Caterina Suitner, Researcher


ROMA TRE University of Rome:

 Branch Representative: Giuseppe CarrusResearcher

Fridanna MaricchioloResearcher

Stefano MastandreaAssociate Professor

Paola PerucchiniFull Professor 


CAGLIARI University:

 Branch RepresentativeFerdinando Fornara, Researcher, Department of Psychology

Marina MuraResearcher, Department of Economic Research



 Branch Representative: Ida Galli, Associate Professor 

Roberto Fasanelli, Researcher


LUMSA University of ROME:

 Branch RepresentativeMassimiliano ScopellitiResearch Fellow



Lavinia Cicero, Research Fellow

Massimiliano Scopelliti, Research Fellow

Stefano De Dominicis, PhD and Research Fellow


Professors and researchers belonging to partner Universities, which conduct study and research activities in the field of Environmental Psychology and similar field, can make a request to join, as members, the Centre of Environmental Psychology conveying the application to the Director, along with the curriculum vitae containing scientific and didactic qualifications coherent with the aim of the Art. 1. of the current Regulation. The Director must subimit the request to the Scientific Council. The request of attendance to the Centre must go along with the Deliberation expressed by the Authority in charge in the applicant's University.

Research Fellows and Contract lecturer which collaborate with CIRPA's research activities could also ask to become "participants" of the Centre, conveying specific request, along with a scientific curriculum choerent with Centre's activities, to the Director and to CIRPA's Scientific Coucil.